Where To Buy Travala Stock AVA Online?

Wondering where to buy Travala stock? We will show you in this guide how and where you can buy AVA the cryptocurrency with a credit card or trade via an exchange.

Firstly a little introduction to Travala…

What is Travala AVA?

Travala is a travel wesite, just like any other travel website you can book flights and hotels. What makes Travala so special is the fact you can pay for your booking using Cryptocurreny.

How often have we heard over the years that Crytocurrency doesn’t have many use cases? I think we are seeing a massive change to this in 2021. More and more working projects are hitting the market.

Where To Buy Travala Stock AVA Online?

Where To Buy Travala AVA Stock Online…

Ok, now you know a little bit about Travala lets get into how and where to buy Travala stock.

$AVA which is the crypto currency for Travala can be purchased on Crypto currency exchanges such as Binance. We always recommend buying through Binance if the coin is available.

Binance is the most utilised exhange in the world of Crypto, they have a good solid team and decent security features in place to keep your Crypto currency safe.

Join The Binance Exchange

Binance is the reputable exchange to buy Elrond EGLD
Join Binance

Another well-known exchange you can use in changelly, a fluid easy to use site. Changelly was created to be user friendly and they certainly delivered on this frony.

They have a website that is very easy on the eye and a mobile app that can be used as well! This is definitely one to use if you are looking for something simple and easy.

Dont take our word for it though, you can check out the site and make your own decision…

Join The Changelly Exchange

Changelly makes buying Travala stock AVA simple!
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Are There Any Other Benefits To Holding Travala $AVA Stock?

The fact Travala has a working product already is a bonus and should show just how capable it is. The great thing with Cryptocurrency in 2021 is the different staking and farming programs.

For those that aren’t familiar with these terms you can view this as holding your money in a savings account and earning interest. The difference is that with Crypto the rewards are far greater in terms of percentage received (APY).

Remember though that Cryptocurrency is volatile, what may look like a good percentage could be wiped out by a big correction to the market so it is always best to do your own research!

Where To Buy Travala Stock AVA Online?

So what does Travala offer? Travala has a smart program where by you’re rewarded for locking in your Travala stock $AVA for a certain amount of time. This is called Travala Smart.

What Are The Benefits Of The Travala Smart Program?

The best part of the Travala Smart program for us is the fact you get 24% APY. That’s 120 free tokens a year if you lock in the minimum amount of 500 $AVA.

To put this into perspective, if you locked in 500 tokens and the coin at the end of the year was $3 your 500 coins are now worth $1500. As a result that year you receive 120 free tokens and they would also be worth $3 each. That’s $360 free just for holding $AVA.

Remember this is an example and the price could be lower. We are not financial advisors we are showing examples of how the system works.

Are there any other benefits to the Smart Program?

Yes, Travala offers money off your holiday bookings, this increases with the more $AVA you have locked in, the higher the tier the greater the benefit. Here is a table to show you just how good the smart program is…

Where To Buy Travala Stock AVA Online?

Travala Smart really is a great program in our opinion and the more you lock in the greater your reward.

With the top tier (Level 5) you lock in 5000 Travala stock for instance you get a SMART discount of 5% SMART loyalty of 5% the 24% APY which is the same across all tiers and 3% off your booking if you pay with $AVA.

This is one I have signed up to myself, I currently sit in SMART tier 1 but look to increase my tier level soon. I am yet to see a program that offers as much as Travala once the savings on bookings are added in.

Travala Smart Program FAQs

Who can join the SMART Program on Travala?

Anyone who is registered on Travala.com can activate the Travala Smart program.

What are the benefits of joining Travala SMART?

You can earn 24% APY as well as the benefits belowWhere To Buy Travala Stock AVA Online?

Is there a minimum amount of Travala stock needed to join the program?

Yes, you must lock in at least 500 tokens for a minimum of 30 days to get the rewards.

Can the SMART program be used in conjunction with the other programs?

No, you can’t use the SMART program for instance along with the invite program. No incentive programs can be used together.

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