How & Where to Buy Siacoin SC

Siacoin is also known as SC, it is a storage platform that is decentralised. Users from any location allocate disc storage from their own devices to form the decentralized network of Sia.

The coins can be used to buy storage from the hosts on Sia, these are agreed via smart contracts which are conveniently conducted on the Sia BlockChain.

Sia is live however the storage platform is still in BETA giving it plenty more scope to grow.

What Exchanges List Siacoin?

Siacoin SC is quite a known coin in the world of Crypto, it has a good community and is listed on many exchanges.

One of the main exchanges is Binance where you can buy Sia with fiat by depositing using your bank, credit card or debit card.

Join Binance Exchange

Binance is the reputable exchange to buy SC Siacoin
Join Binance

Another place where you can buy Siacoin is on KuCoin exchange, this exchange is one of the most advanced and secure exchanges on the market.

Although KuCoin is not quite as user friendly as Coinbase it is definitely a decent exchange with lower fees than many others.

You can sign up to KuCoin here!

Who Are The Team Behind Siacoin?

How & Where to Buy Siacoin SC

 Luke Champine

Siacoin has a fantastic team behind the project, the CEO, co-founder and lead developer is David Vorvick he is backed up by Luke Champine, co-founder and core developer.

They are backed up by many more team members however it would take us a long time to list them all.

We want to tell you more about SC. If you want to know more about the team then click here!

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