Where & How To Buy Elrond – EGLD

What is Elrond EGLD?

If like me you’ve only ever heard of Elrond as the elvish leader from Lord of the Rings, you’re in the right place! The Elrond project that started in 2017 has come a long way, even changing its coin ticker name along the way, so if your new to this token you may not have heard of its legacy name ERD.

So where did the EGLD come from? Well, it’s simply an abbreviation of Elrond eGold… and that’s it! EGLD is Elrond’s new native token so if you are in possession of the Legacy coin you can certainly swap them over through EtoroX or by using Elrond’s wallet, more on that later!

Described as a highly scalable, fast and secure blockchain platform for distributed apps’, Egld’s ‘enterprise use cases and the new internet economy is the first to present a viable solution where all the three aspects of sharding – state, network and transactions – have been implemented at once. Combined with its “Adaptive” component, this novel architecture allows for dynamic network configuration to maintain a high level of security while scaling with demand’

In the Bank vs Crypto battle Elrond seeks to throw it’s wallet out on the table, literally! You can now store your Egld in an Elrond wallet https://wallet.elrond.com/ but be warned, like all blockchains, you do not have a “Reset password” if you lose your, password you lose your Egld!
You literally have the key to the safe! There’s other risks too, like all crypto, there’s no refunds! So if you decided to use any kind of digital wallet, make sure you do your research first.

Talking About Wallets…

Powered by the Elrond blockchain Maiar is a new digital wallet and global payments app that allows you to securely store and exchange money on your mobile phone. You can use Maiar to send and receive money near-instantly, to and from anyone around the world by just using a phone number or herotag. Maiar aims to radically change the way we interact with money so this is definitely something to look out for!

“The support of a global community is important as Elrond’s ecosystem works toward addressing the scalability concerns of crypto space. Our pursuit of widespread adoption will take a big step with the listing of eGLD token on one of the industry’s biggest exchanges.”

BENIAMIN MINCU – Elrond Network’s founder

Elrond Coin EGLD Making Tracks

Looking back over the year we can see recent gains are clear! Longer term there’s still a long journey ahead but with Bitcoin middling out after it’s recent peaks Egld will be in my opinion a great alt coin to support!

Where & How To Buy Elrond - EGLD

Elrond EGLD Quick Facts

  • Egld price – $181.70
  • Market Cap – £3.07b
  • Volume – $1.27b
  • Wallets – 260.3k
  • 56% Staked

This was correct as of 09/02/2021 For the latest information please see our Elgorand EGLD Price Index for a more up to date analysis.

“Elrond’s outstanding contributions rest on two foundational building blocks: a novel scaling approach of Adaptive State Sharding and Secure Proof of Stake consensus, enabling fast and secure decentralized networks.”

— Ella Zhang, Head of Binance Labs.


Where Can I Buy Elrond EGLD?

Well, you can buy direct from Elrond themselves here https://buy.elrond.com/gb or if you have a preferred platform you can check to see if it is available. I’ve listed a few popular ones below that do and don’t offer it.

Binance – I use Binance as my main exchange and EGLD can be purchased here! As exchange platforms go it’s relatively easy to use so would highly recommend it for a lot of altcoins!

Join The Binance Exchange

Binance is the reputable exchange to buy Elrond EGLD
Join Binance

Bitfinex – I created an account here and can confirm Egld is available to buy on this exchange!

COINBASE – EGLD is currently not available on the Coinbase platform, but you can add to your watch list! <AD referal link here>

CRYPTO.COM – I tried signing up to confirm that it is available but having OAuth issues when it came to signing up on my mobile I gave up!

ETOROX – eToroX is one of the largest regulated and licensed crypto exchanges in the market. The listing of eGLD will make the token available to trade against more than fifteen cryptocurrencies.

I’m in! How Do I Buy Elrond?

You have choices, go direct and not really have the fluidity of the services above, or go with an exchange like Binance and be able to control your Egld against other popular altcoins. I personally started off adding £/$ to my wallet, transferring that into USDT and using that to buy my EGLD. You can transfer it in and out of several different coins so there are your choices!

What Partnerships Does Elrond EGLD Have?

Is Elrond EGLD a Good Investment?

We are not financial advisors nor qualified to give any advise in this field. Our research is purely our opinion which we would like to share with you.

Elrond Review
  • Team
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Parnerships


Elrond is no doubt a big player in the world of Crypto




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