How & Where To Buy Polkadot Coin $DOT – Canada US & UK

Polkadot has grown in stature over the last year seeing price rises across the board but how and where can you buy Polkadot coin?

Many exchanges now offer the option to buy $DOT which is the coin name for Polkadot. All the top exchanges have Polkadot listed so it will be very easy for you to purchase.

Where to buy Polkadot coin?

buy polkadot coin on Binance

You can buy the Polkadot coin on many exchanges but it’s best to use a reputable exchange with good security.

Our first port of call is always Binance, they are the most used Crypto exchange in the world.

Binance has very good security in place and they are always looking to enhance it as technology progresses.

If you aren’t happy with your coins staying on the exchange then you can always move them to a cold storage wallet.

Binance is fairly easy to use and offers a lot of different Crypto coins. It would would certainly be our first option if we were purchasing Polkadot coin.

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Binance is the reputable exchange to buy Polkadot coin $DOT!
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What other Exchanges can I use to buy Polkadot coin?

buy polkadot coin on KuCoin

There are many other exchanges that you can use. Binance is always our frist option but tere are many other exchanges that offer good security.

KuCoin is a very good exchange, they offer some good incentives like Binance such as staking and pools.

I personally have some coins on KuCoin that weren’t listed on Binance.

If you aren’t a fan of Binance or wish to try another exchange then KuCoin is definitely one to consider.

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KuCoin is another great option to purchase Polkadot coin!
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Where to buy Polkadot coin in Canada?

How & Where To Buy Polkadot Coin $DOT - Canada US & UK

You can buy the coin in Canada via Binance, Canada is not a restricted country to Crypto.

Some countries have banned Crypto exchanges however Canada is not one of them.

Canada is actually quite relaxed compared to other countries and therefore you can buy Crypto very easily.

Just remember that all countries have laws on tax and Canada is no different. You can read more about the laws on Cryptocurrency in Canada here.

Canada allows the use of cryptocurrencies. According to the Government of Canada webpage on digital currencies, “[y]ou can use digital currencies to buy goods and services on the Internet and in stores that accept digital currencies. You may also buy and sell digital currency on open exchanges, called digital currency or cryptocurrency exchanges.

You can see the Google Trends for Canada below. You can see that Cryptocurrency and Polkadot are on the rise after a peak for searches in Canada.

This was obviously to happen with the market the way it currently is. We have seen Bitcoin pass 55k recently and Polakdot getting a lot of news coverage.

Cryptocurrency is on the rise in Canada and you can be a part of what we think will be the new financial system.

How to Purchase Polkadot coin in the US?

How & Where To Buy Polkadot Coin $DOT - Canada US & UK

Binance is unfortunately barred in the USA but fear not, there are other options.

There is a Binance US platform however this has fewer coins than the Global Binance site which isn’t accessible in the USA.

In July 2019, Binance gave it’s United States users 90 days to prove that they had not violated Binance’s terms of services, and if they could not provide evidence, then Binance barred them from trading and depositing on their exchange.

We found this a shame as it’s clear that the USA are very interested in Cryptocurrency. With Biden winning the election and putting Gary Gensler as leader of the SEC things may change. Gary Gensler seems very fond of Cryptocurrency.

The trends show that Americans are looking into it and want to be part of the Crypto world. Therefore we have found a way for you!

Introducing Changelly!

What Is Changelly?

How & Where To Buy Polkadot Coin $DOT - Canada US & UK

Changelly is a worldwide Crypto exchange, built for ease of use. It has a very user friendly slick design.

Changelly was launched in 2015 it’s aim was to help aid the mass adoption of Cryptocurrency.

They currently boast some very good figures considering they’re much newer than other exchanges.

We are probably yet to see a more beautiful exchange than changelly. They have definitely got it right in the graphcs department.

Changelly is a trustworthy and safe crypto exchange platform. The company is constantly improving not only when it comes to bringing in new altcoins for people to trade in (there are already 100 coins) but also to provide the users with the best customer experience.”


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Changelly makes buying Polkadot for USA residents easy!
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Should I Buy Polkadot coin?
No one can tell you what to do with your money unless they’re a financial advisor. We are not financial advisors and there for we can’t say if you should buy Polkadot. This site is based on our opinions. You should always do your own research and make your decisions for your self.
How can I buy Polkadot coin on Coinbase?
Polkadot can be purchased the same as any other coin on Coinbase, if you don’t know how to make a purchase on Coinbas we recommend that you read our how to make a purchase on Coinbase guide.

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