How To Buy Cardano $ADA – Canada USA & Wordlwide

Wondering how to buy Cardano ADA? It’s currently being talked about in the Crypto world as the next biggest coin. You can easily buy Cardano on Crypto exchanges using a credit or debit card. You can also use other Crypto currency to trade for Cardano ADA.

We have everything covered in this guide and will walk you through the steps.

Where Can You Buy Cardano $ADA?

You can buy Cardano ADA on many exchanges however we always recommend using a trustworthy exchange. Binance is the leading Crypto Exchange in the world that is secure and for that reason not only do we recommend it but we use it ourselves.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to sign up to the Binance Exchange & Buy Cardano ADA

  1. Head to Binance

    Head over to Binance and fill in your usable Email & Password, your Password must be at least 8 characters with 1 upper case letter and 1 number.

  2. Terms of Service

    Confirm that you agree to the terms of service by ticking the box if it’s not ticked already.How To Buy Cardano $ADA - Canada USA & Wordlwide

  3. Create your account

    Click the create your account button to setup your account.How To Buy Cardano $ADA - Canada USA & Wordlwide

  4. Verify your account

    You will receive an email from Binance with a cerification code, open up your email and type the code in on the Binance verification page.How To Buy Cardano $ADA - Canada USA & Wordlwide

  5. Secure your account with 2FA

    You now want to secure your account with 2 Factor Autntification. For the sake of this step by step we will use phone verification as every one has one but Google Authentificator App is a very secure option as well.How To Buy Cardano $ADA - Canada USA & Wordlwide

  6. Enable Binance BNB Fees

    By enabling BNB fee payments we can lower our fees, BNB is the native Cryptocurrency for Binance so using BNB to buy Cardano ADA gives us 25% off the fee. This is normally automatically set to on however it’s best to check on your dashboard just to make sure. Also, If you run out of BNB this will no longer work so in conclusion it’s always best to keep a little bit of BNB in your wallet.
    How To Buy Cardano $ADA - Canada USA & Wordlwide

  7. Full verification on Binance

    Binance places a limit withdrawel of 2 BTC on your account until you’re fully verified. They may also limit how much you can deposit into you Binance account. To eliminate these restrictions head to your dashboard and click Indentification.binance indentify verification to buy Cardano ADA

  8. Enter verification details

    On the next page click verify, you will need to supply your basic personal information, a photo of your ID and similarly a picture of yourself.binance basic identity verification guide to purchase ADA Cardano

  9. Deposit money on Binance

    Next you need to deposit money on Binance in order to buy Cardano ADA. Click your wallet in the navigation bar and then click deposit.Deposit money on Biannce to buy Cardano ADA

  10. Choose your currency

    You will now have the option to choose which currency you wish to deposit. Click on fiat, you can deposit USD if you’re in America or CAD in Canada for instance in conclusion you can choose which ever one suits you.
    Deposit fiat to Binance to purchase Cardano ADA

  11. Convert your fiat to USDT

    Binance has a number of different trading pairs for ADA, this basically means coins that you can by ADA with. For instance the pait ADA/USDT means that you buy ADA with USDT ot sell ADA for USDT.

    To buy ADA with any currency we need to trasfer your fiat to USDT for instance if you depposited USD you would sell USD/USDT basically selling your USD and receiving USDT. You may not need to convert your currency if they are listed bellow….
    Binance currently has 9 Cardano (ADA) trading pairs:


  12. Go to convert

    Hover over Trade on the top navigation bar and then select convert.converting fiat to usdt on binance to buy Cardano ADA

  13. Prepare the conversion

    On this screen select your currency in the top box on the right, choose USDT in the next box below, type the amount you wish to convert and then click Preview conversion.How To Buy Cardano $ADA - Canada USA & Wordlwide

  14. Finalise the conversion

    You can finalise the conversion if everything looks ok!

  15. Wait for your USDT

    It may take a few seconds up to a minute to complete your conversion. You can check your wallet to see if it has converted yet

  16. Preparing to buy Cardano ADA

    Click on Markets in the top navigation bar, select FIAT and then in the box on the right (Search coin name) type ADA. Select ADA/USDT or click Trade on this column!buy Cardano ADA on Binance

  17. Buy Cardano ADA

    On the next screen it will look very confusing, it’s showing you how the market has been doing but ignore this for now. Scroll down the page and in the buy section select Market, this means you will buy at the current market price. Then click the dot at the end this is selecting 100% of your USDT (don’t select the last dot if you want to save some USDT, click half way to spend 50% etc…) Next click Buy ADA.purchase buy Cardano ADA

  18. Confirm your buy order

    You can now confirm your buy order if everything is correct. Congratulations you now own some Cardano ADA!

Where Can I Buy Cardano ADA in the UK?
You can use Binance in the UK, just like the guide above shows.

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