FAME – The Latest Innovation From The Algorand Community

FAME! The latest innovation from the ever growing Algorand community. You may not have heard of FAME yet, but Turing award winner and founder of Algorand Silvio Micali has, and he’s onboard! It all started with one individual that turns out to be a very caring decent guy!

His name is Bilal, it wasn’t long ago that he posted on Twitter showing how easy it was to create a Token on Algorand. Days later FAME was launched, a community token to build a fully decentralised governance through quadratic voting.

Many thought no doubt that this wouldn’t take off but before you knew it the community was thriving. A Twitter page was launched and charitable donations were flying across the community.

But What Has FAME Actually Achieved?

Firstly, FAME is all about helping eachother as a family. 10 tokens each were airdropped by Bilal to the Algorand community. This took quite some work and probably blew up more than Bilal imagined but he worked through like the dedicated person that he is.

With alll the tokens airdropped, Bilal wasn’t guaranteed any amount of tokens as the creator. However, the community voted on how many he should receive and I’m happy to say for all his hard efforts the communtiy rightly rewarded Bilal with the highest amount.

Before anyone thinks this maybe wrong Bilal has put a lot of effort into not only FAME but Algorand over the years as well.

With the launch of the Twitter page @algorandFAME came the community and they certainly delivered. Art work has been flying and it’s safe to say they are a very talented group of people. The community are now voting on the logo for FAME and you can see just how good work is below if we’ve missed some (and we know we have) please send it in and we will add it…

FAME focuses on helping one another, it’s outlook is that money isn’t everything and by helping one another we can achieve great things.

One Twitter user @solrac719 summed this up perfectly “For the people asking for $FAME. It’s not about needing one to get it. It’s about what did u contribute to the world today in good faith without expecting something back”

Don’t get us wrong, there have been a few bad players with people trying to get the 10 tokens twice via the airdrop. A few succeeded but the majority was done by accident and actually, to our knowledge, every person that we’ve seen that received 2 lots by mistake sent it back to Bilal.


Well with every thriving community comes meetups and with Algorands long term vision to 2030 why was FAME going to do different? That’s right the FAME FAM are off to Dubai in 2030, just a little search for #DUBAI2030 on Twitter and you will see what all the fuss is about!

The more you share the more likely we will see you there!

Who doesn’t like a party? We hope to be in attendance so we can meet this wonderful community face to face!

FAME Token Dubai 2030

Turning Award Winner Silvio Micali Wants FAME Token

Today 11/03/2021, Algorand founder Silvio Micali hosted a webinar and was informed that the community would like to send him some FAME that’s built on the Turing Award winners Algorand.

The Question was put forward by @123Blockchains who has had a massive part play in the FAME community.

We asked @123Blockchains exactly how he managed to achieve this, he first put this tweet out…

He followed on… “I then went into the live stream and asked my q&a question again and it was asked”

It’s safe to say that Silvio looked very happy! Not only has a community risen off the back of his work but they’ve built a token and wanted him to have some for all of his hard work.

One Twitter user @SibiPat picked up on the on the question whilst a Q&A was happening at the webinar…

The $FAME token made it into the #Harvard#blockchain talk with @silviomicali in the Q&A someone mentioned that the community wants to send him $FAME as already discussed here on $TWTR

Do you think he looked happy?

FAME - The Latest Innovation From The Algorand Community

Stay tuned for a little interview that will be appearing here from Bilal! Rememeber to follow @algorandFAME on Twitter.

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