Unless you’ve had your head in a bucket you would have seen or heard that Bitcoin is currently trading in the 50k region. In fact, Bitcoin is up around 67% so far this year, figures not to be sniffed at. With major players such as Elon Musk and his Tesla company investing $1.5b in Bitcoin, it was no surprise that we were going to see values rocket.

That being said, what goes up….

If we reflect on previous drops in BTC over the last several years we’re almost certain to see some pretty big drops this year with people set to lose more than just pocket change. This will breathe new air back into the coin though with the opportunity to buy in at the dips

“People should not invest their life savings in cryptocurrency, to be clear — that’s unwise.”

Elon Musk
Chart showing Bitcoin price clearing $50k

Am I too late to buy into Bitcoin?

Now I might eat my own words here, but the answer is likely yes; unless you have some big money to invest 67% on your $100 isn’t going to buy you a Tesla no matter what Musk tweets. The Bitcoin ship has well and truly sailed for most of us but why stand at the shore watching it set off into the horizon when there’s plenty of other ships waiting in the dock.

“Get your Tokens here!”

Alt Coin ships waiting in the docks
The Alt-Coin ships are ready and waiting!

Following on, don’t be disheartened there’s plenty of ways to get yourself onto a crypto ship. Altcoins are certainly where you should be looking. Like all cruise ship journeys, the crypto “rags to riches journey” isn’t a quick one unless you get lucky! So from here on in, I’m focussing on some long-term Altcoin predictions.
(disclaimer I am not a financial advisor I am just summarising my research for you!)

Captain Phillips Look at me I am the Captain Now scene
I am the Captain now…Are you ready to depart?

 Ethereum, Litecoin, RIPPLE (XRP)

Ethereum ETH is another household name when it comes to crypto and has recently had massive gains (currently sitting around $1800-up 1.4% today). Brian Shuster, the founder of Ark Capital, stated that in 2025, Ethereum will be worth around $100,000. If he’s correct, then there are some massive gains to be made here and certainly worth having a finger in the pie! Wish I hadn’t sold mine for sub $100 right now that’s for sure!

Litecoin LTC launched around 2011 and is currently sitting around $220.

Its creator Charlie Lee, an ex-Google and Coinbase employee saw network congestion and long transaction issues with Bitcoin and set out to eradicate these issues in his own crypto. LTC has had a rocky past with prices fluctuating from its low at $30 to $400 at its peak. In terms of market-cap LTC ranks number 5 (approx $5.4b) and is considered the silver to Bitcoins Gold.

LongForecast suggests a continued rocky road up until around 2024 but prices not really reaching higher than it’s current. Other forecast sites are predicting LTC to reach around $1200 by 2025. This is more of a long-term hold.

XRP, launched in 2013 is currently trading around $0.50. XRP is the token that is used on the Ripple network to facilitate transfers of money between different currencies. Ripple could potentially become the new standard across so many industries and has among the highest long-term price potential out of any crypto assets with some financial advisors predicting some big things! If XRP can just break out and maintain the momentum this time around, or even win the SEC case (or have it dropped or settle), it could mean some pretty big gains for current holders.

Algo, Cardano (Ada), Origin Trail (Trac)

Algo, Short for Algorand is a project most of us at findmeacrypto are behind! Algorand is ‘the technology company that built and developed the world’s first open, permissionless, pure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol that, without forking, provides the necessary security, scalability, and decentralization needed for today’s economy.’

Currently sitting around $1.2 is predicting to fly in the next few months let alone by the end of 2025! You can earn every day by holding your ALGO in the Algorand Wallet app. Visit your app store and get in on your phone now!!!

Want to know what the hype is about? Watch this video from 49 minutes…

ADA is absolutely BOOMING! at the moment if you got in at the start of the year the congratulations are in order! Currently trading at around $0.85 the token is still a steal. Ada is the currently seventh-largest coin by market cap but is by no means content; Carando has already made some big announcements but we expect more to come. estimates the coin’s price to end 2023 at $1.30 and 2026 at $2.17

Trac is currently trading around $0.47 and has had a great start to the year. Again if you were in back in January time then congrats are in order! Predictions on this token aren’t as great as the others with many sites. Some estimating the coin will sit around $0.5 in 2025. We feel this is way out as some of the connections Origintrail is making we could see this project set sail!

Reef, Cake

Reef – is an incredible project to back with prices currently around $0.04 (up 5% in-day). In brief, ‘Reef Finance is a liquidity aggregator and multi-chain smart yield engine that allows the integration of any DeFi protocol. It has been created with Polkadot and shares its security model across the ecosystem while enabling cross-chain integrations. Reef will allow retail investors a way to access DeFi without significant technical barriers, while also aiding in the decision-making process.’

At such low prices we look to the future worth of the coin, walletinvestor expects big things to come 2026 with estimated gains of nearly 3000%!!!

Reef is currently available on Binance if you have an account.

Cake is up 536% since the end of December 2020 (around $10) and is promising a lot! More than that Cake promises annual yields on your crypto too (5% on BTC/ETH!).
If you haven’t come across cake before be sure to check them out!

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