Algorand – Partnerships Coming Thick & Fast

It only seems like yesterday we wrote our last news article on Algorand. The fact they’re moving so quickly has led us back to the notepad. It doesn’t seem like a day can pass where Algorand doesn’t announce another great move.

Linux Foundation Partners With Algorand!

I can’t tell you how happy I am with this Partnership, after passing my Linux Essentials exam last year and having to have some foundational knowledge on the Linux Foundation this really made me smile.

(Linus Torvalds we love you!)

The Linux Foundation has been fundamental in the world of computing. The non-profit consortium founded in 2000 has done too many things for us to list but just to give you a breath outlook they have…

  • written 1.15 billion lines of code
  • 235k developers
  • 19k contributing companies
  • $54.1 billion total share value

This is a foundation with board of directors that most companies would dream of…

AT&T – Andre Fuetsch, Facebook – Chris Mason, Ericsson – Chris Price -RedHat, Chris Wright – Samsung. Daniel Park – Qualcomm Technologies Inc, David Marr – VMware. Dirk Hohndel, At-Large Director -Eileen Evans.

It’s a fantastic partnership and this really does give Algorand another platform to work with and expand.

The DizmelD Foundation will be developing a self-sovereign identity credential network on Algorand. It will leverage the Trust Over IP metamodel.

Algorand will be the transactional layer with a shared cision of decentralised digital identity.

Algorand fans on Twitter gave us an idea of the future…

Encode Club Partner With Algorand

On February 19th the Algorand Foundation announced a new partnership with Encode Club via Twitter.

Encode Club is a community of University Students, Researchers and Developers. The aim is to help others into the world of Blockchain technology. They run different events that have a massive part to play in this goal…

  • Invest
  • Educate
  • AMAs
  • Hack
  • Accelarator
  • Talent
Backing the brightest hackers pre-team and/or pre-idea.
Teaching blockchain to students learning for the first time.
Bringing prominent thought-leaders in the space to a student audience.
8-12 week programmes to build a blockchain project from scratch.
10-week programmes to help early-stage projects go to the next level.
Helping place top developers at leading blockchain companies.

There is no doubt this is a fantastic partnership for everyone involved. For Algorand, Encode Club will produce and education series which will teach students about the Blockchain furthermore education on Algorand. There will be an Algorand Hackathon backed up with a follow-on Accelerator.

BSN Base Launch 1st Public Chain-owned Portal on Algorand

BSN Base, a cross-cloud, cross-portal, cross-framework global infrastructure network, used to deploy and operate all types of Blockchain DApps has launched the 1st Public chain-owned portal on Algorand.

The launch will provide users with a low-cost Blockchain solution with benefits for developers through the Algorand BSN Portal.

Users can benefit from:

Algorand - Partnerships Coming Thick & Fast

Speedy Access

Quick access to the Algorand network without having to maintain node infrastructure.
Algorand - Partnerships Coming Thick & Fast

Robust Security

Ensuring robust security of DApps based on the 2 sets of private keys approach.
Algorand - Partnerships Coming Thick & Fast


Enjoy Interoperability among all DApps deployed on BSN.

This is fantastic news for all, especially the fact this will be free of charge and will remain so for 16 months as stated on the blog post by the Algorand Foundation.

Ledgermatic Choose Algorand For Their Asset Treasury Solutions!

On the 23rd of February Ledgermatic like many others selected Algorand as its Blockchain protocol layer to launch their asset treasury solutions.

Adoption is coming thick and fast to Algorand, their technology is shining through and companies seem to be coming daily.

Here’s what Isaac Fain Co-founder and CTO of Ledgermatic had to say…

Algorand - Partnerships Coming Thick & Fast

“Algorand’s Layer-1 features, sustainable ESG profile, key management capabilities, and the commercial interest of its ecosystem made it the stand-out choice for our use case. The adoption of their base layer technology forms an important step towards the realisation of our vision of the evolution of corporate treasury.”

— Isaac Fain – Co-founder & CTO at Ledgermatic

Algorand Join OpenDAO & Will Launch $wAlgoO Stable Coin

February the 24th led to another exciting announcement. OpenDAO happily announced they were welcoming Algorand to their amazing DeFi family. OpenDAO is a bridge for assets to cross over into the DeFi system.

Users will be able to mint a dollar pegged stable coin called $wAlgoO this will come with the benefit of the user being able to convert their stable coin to $USDC.

There will also be a pool for wAlgoO/USDC where you will recieve $ALGO as well as $OPEN. This is a great reward for those that wish to get involved as a liquidity providor.

Audits were conducted by OpenZeppelin and the launch should happen within the next few weeks.

Algorand - Partnerships Coming Thick & Fast

Algorand’s efforts to build open source software for an inclusive ecosystem have created a cascade of opportunity throughout the cryptospace and our team and community are beyond excited to be a part of it. We look forward to making the future happen together!

— Sean Qian, OpenDAO Co-founder

It’s safe to say that Algorand has had a fantastic week, companies seem to be noticing just how good the technology is. I can only imagine this trend will continue.

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